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Struggling to cope with my adult son

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Struggling to cope with my adult son

Thu 16 Jan 2020 3:57pm

I am new to this site and have been advised to maybe try chatting with people who know my struggles.  I am a single parent to my son Jack who is 21, he has high functioning autism which was diagnosed when he was sectioned at 15. He suffers from social anxiety too and rarely leaves house without me, he self harms and has had 4 suicide attempts, the last one a couple of months. I am struggling to deal with him as he can be very verbally abusive, the more anxious he gets the worse it becomes. So I don't know how to help him

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    Dear Hilja

    We are so sorry to read about your difficulties. It sounds like you need additional support from the health and social care services in your area. Perhaps you would benefit from some advice about what services you can access to support you and your son? We have put together a list of the following organisations who can provide you with some free advice: 

    National Autistic Helpline on 0808 800 4104.  Their lines are open from 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday.  
    Mencap’s Learning Disability Helpline. They are available from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday on 0808 808 1111.   
    Mind is also a charity than can advise on mental health difficulties, they could possibly advise you on ways in which you can seek extra medical support for Jack.  Their legal helpline can be contacted on 0300 466 6463. 
    Family lives who can provide emotional support, information, advice and guidance on any aspect of parenting and family life. Their helpline service is on 0808 800 2222 and is open 9am – 9pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday. 

    We really hope this information is of use to you and that you will find an organisation able to help you access the support you and Jack need.

    We wish you the very best.

    Marie (on behalf of Ambitious about Autism)

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