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Sun 5 Jul 2020 5:44pm

Hello everyone Smile


My name is Georgianna and I am a postgraduate student in the MSc of Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology in King's College London. For the past year I have been working on an early intervention model for children with autism (Early Start Denver Model-ESDM). Due to the subject of my studies and my work, I have been gradually gaining more knowledge regarding autism, with a focus on the initial signs which can be traced from a very young age (approximately 18months).

I would be really happy to keep on track with the conversations and queries taking place in the forum and ideally provide some advice/help whenever I can. Smile

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    Welcome Georgianna! Thanks for joining the community and participating in our discussions.

    We hope to see more of you here in the coming weeks and months!

    Best wishes



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    Thank you Marie! Smile


    I hope to contribute as much as I can in the community.


    Warm wishes,


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