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Thu 21 Jan 2021 7:59pm

Hello everyone and thank you for admitting me into your forum.

I am a grandad to two young boys, father to two beautiful daughters and husband to a very long suffering wonderful wife. I am nearly retired, now only working occationally, so I am spending a lot more time with my wife, who still works 3 days a week but with Covid, most of that is working from home.

We have had problems in our relationship for years, because of my lack of feelings, but it is now getting worse because of the amount of time that we spend together.

My wife works for the NHS and she used to work with two Autism specialists. I have not been diagnosed but she brought home a test for me to complete, which suggested I had some Autistic symtoms. Also from a lot of what I have read over the years, I have suspected this for a long time.

Therefore, I have joined this forum to join in with various discussions with other members and maybe learn something as well.

Thank you for reading this.

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