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Parents who have ASD

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Parents who have ASD

Tue 2 Feb 2021 12:42pm

Hello everyone,

Life is tough in lockdown and I wondered if anyone has any tips about parenting when you have ASD. 

I have a 4 year old and I struggle to want to play with him sometimes. 

When we do play, I get lost in thought and can't really get stuck in.

Can anyone relate? How do you work around this?


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    I have Aspergers/ASD and am mum to a 4-year old. I experience the same thing, really struggling to cope with full-time parenting! Please message me if you want, we can share helpful tips in more detail. I've found having a routine/rhythm to the day helps, always doing the same types of things but different (so always breakfast, TV&play, then lunch, then outside time, etc). I do struggle to play some games that are more pretend play without props, if that makes sense? So using actual physical things helps, building things, making things... And I tried to draw up a kind of "emergency" plan for myself of things we can both do together when I'm burnt out and in sensory overload, or so we both don't get bored. I find the sensory overload the hardest because I get irritated and snap easily at being touched or knocked accidentally. I recently bought noice-cancelling earbuds and they help massively - they quieten everything down but I can still hear voices and everything. It just dims everything a little. Some days I wear a baseball cap, helps to visually "block" things out. Most days I try to play with breaks so, an hour or two then TV, an hour and then lunch, or that kind of thing. 


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