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I am looking for a (girl)friend!

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I am looking for a (girl)friend!

Wed 31 Mar 2021 11:41am

Dear people,

I am a young, slightly autistic man from the Netherlands who is in a hurry looking for a buddy, because I have no friends at all, I feel very lonely and I really want to have more adventure in my life! I had previously placed a call for a buddy on autisme.nl, but I was not really happy with the requests I received. I'll tell you later what my real terms should be for that buddy! These are again my hobbies:



-Watch movies and series!

-To walk!



-Listen to music!



For the rest I work in an animal shelter and in a daytime activity. I have great colleagues there. I just have a bad home situation, because I have a very bad relationship with my father and my brother. A number of times it has escalated between us and I think that is a great shame! Also, I am not that highly educated, but I hope you can overlook that!

These my 13 conditions for a buddy!

-If it's a woman, she must be over 50! That's because of all the wisdom an older woman has!

-If it's a man or boy, he must be under 20 years old! That's because I had a lot more experience with boys in my youth.

-He or she should look as handsome as possible and NOT be ugly, unless the person looks so ugly that it makes him or her down!

-He or she must be politically fun and NOT thought stupid or anything!

-He or she must also be autistic or have an autistic family member!

-He or she must be open to friendship!

-He or she must be sympathetic, sweet, and kind!

-He or she must not be a fan of dangerous figures such as Donald Trump, Geert Wilders or Mark Rutte, because I hate those people and I do NOT want to argue about them!

- He or she should not be too fond of sports!

- He or she must be as hygienic as possible!

- He or she must be open to traveling all the way to Willemsoord!

- He or she must love children!

- He or she must NOT be stupid, so he or she must know something!



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