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International autism research opportunity

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International autism research opportunity

Thu 3 Jun 2021 11:23am

Hi everyone, 

My name is Caryn, I’m at UCL the UK.

We are doing a participatory research project. We have more autistics than non autistics on our team!

Our research is about autistic adults' reflections on how their autistic identity was shared with them & subsequently spoken about in their households as children. We hope to inform parents (and other stakeholders)  of autistic children in what to consider when disclosing autism to their children, tips/ do nots and importantly how to discuss this positively & pro-actively promoting neurodiversity. 

Below is our a link for you to look through.I wondered, if once you’d looked through,  if you’d be able to share with your colleagues and with neurodiversity forums? Or do yourself?

 It would be wonderful to get a diverse population of participants from across the globe.  

Thank you for your time reading this.



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